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New PlayStation 5 Details Revealed

This morning, in an exclusive interview with WIRED magazine, Matt Cerny revealed some cool new deets about the Playstation 5. For those of you who might not recognize the name, he helped create Spider-man 2018 and Marble Madness on the NES, (how’s that for deep cut?). I know you have a life so I'm going to quickly give you the bullets.

1.** It is backwards compatible **with the Playstation 4, so we’ll be able to play our PS4 library on the PS5. He didn’t say HOW backwards compatible it is, so we’ll wait and see if this is just of the PS4 Library or all of it.

2.** It has a solid state drive (SSD)**. Most consoles use a hard drive disk (HDD). The reason this matters is because the SDD is known for speeding up load times. For example, Cerny loaded up 2018’s Spider-man on a Playstation 4. To demonstrate how fast it loads environments, he had Spidey start at one end of the map and then fast travel to another point on the map. Normally, this takes about 15 seconds, which by today’s standards is pretty quick. But when he did this on the Playstation 5 it took .8 seconds. No exaggeration. Furthermore he demonstrated Spider-man zipping through Manhattan. The camera was keeping up so well that when he went to pause the game there was no loss in graphical fidelity and the details in the environment were crisply kept in focus.

  1. It will not be coming out in 2019. I’m betting, it’ll be a 2020 release.

4.** The graphics are way better.** The PS5 will be utilizing AMD’s third generation Ryzen line of graphic chips.There is a lot of technical details about microarchitecture and things, but suffice it to say that, according to the article, the graphics will be capable of “ray tracing” to the same caliber that is mostly found in Hollywood Visual effects. In other layman’s terms, the graphics are going to be very, very, good. Oh, and before I forget - it also kicks the graphical output up to 8K, which is going to be amazing for those few dads who actually own an 8K TV or monitor.

5.** Better Audio**. The AMD chip is capable of 3D audio. Unbeknownst to me, audio isn’t something that most consoles focus on, apparently? But if they’re planning on improving their PSVR experience, than this makes sense. As a lover of VR, I can say first hand that you need good audio to completely feel immersed.

Those are the main points that were announced today. Be sure to stay up-to-date here at Nerd Dads!

Here’s a link to the full Wired Article.

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