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Why Humble Bundle is the Best Thing That’s Happened to Video Games in the Last 8 Years!

Seriously You Need to Check Out Humble Bundle

Gaming is an expensive hobby and it becomes more and more expensive as our kids get older and time passes on. Plus, if you are a father of toddlers, then your free time is mostly spent making sure that they are not trying to cause themselves bodily harm. I cannot tell you how many cups of coffee have been spilled in our house while attempting to get some game time in; I’ve essentially given up on even trying while the littlest is up. Not only that, but in order to play video games, we end up purchasing games that are years old, due to time (or lack there of) and the simple fact that we don’t always have the extra $60 lying around to buy them when they are first released. The older those kids get, the more expensive they get. But you know what, there's nothing wrong with waiting out the games. In fact, it's a great idea for many reasons! But what if I told you that you could purchase Dark Souls 3 and seven other games you’ve had your eye on for only $12? Would you believe that you could buy such new and awesome games for that price?

No? I know, I didn't think it was real either! But I went to and checked it out anyway. And ever since then my PC gaming life has been completely changed! Humble Bundle basically works as a subscription service. It is $12 per month and a share of the proceeds go to a new featured charity each month. So far, Humble Bundle has raised over $124,000,000 for charity! (Yeah, you read that right. One hundred twenty-four million dollars!) Charities include Make-A-Wish, Extra Life, American Red Cross, and so many others. If you’ve ever been interested in finding a charity to donate to yourself, check out their past charities. There are so many that are amazing that I’ve never heard of before finding HumbleBundle. Your subscription gets you, on average, about 8 games a month. Plus, with an active subscription, you have access to a library of other DRM-free games, like Trine, Torchlight 1 & 2, Overlord 1 & 2, and a bunch of other games. Additionally, you can receive HUGE discounts on other games and bundles. I purchased the Bioshock Remastered Collection for $17 in February and I'm loving every minute of it! Plus, it's on a month to month basis. If you feel like you have enough games for the time being, or you feel like there's nothing in the upcoming bundle that you want, then turn it off and wait till next month. Humble Bundle offers other bundles too, like digital books and comics.

For $12 a month you get about $100 in video games - if not more. For families that do not have extra spending money, this is a very palatable price tag. It is two bucks more than a Spotify subscription and is less than the amount we spend going to Taco Bell for dinner. And guys – seriously - $12 for $100 in video games is almost too good to pass up. If you are like me, and the rest of the Nerd Dads in this nation, your free-time is probably quite thin. I’d recommend waiting for that perfect month where they are selling your favorite game and swoop! You will get that game you want, plus a few more, and you will be sure to get your gaming fix for the rest of the year – FOR TWELVE DOLLARS!

So, check it out. And NO. They did not ask me to write this and I am not being compensated in any way. I am just so in love with this product that I had to share with the rest of the Nerd Dad community.