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Gnome Dash – Mobile Game of the Month!

Mobile games are a Nerd Dads best friend. Often times they are free or inexpensive and are easily accessible without requiring a large chunk of time. This month’s featured Mobile Game is “Gnome Dash” by SuperGoodwin Games. It’s a side-scrolling platformer that is addictive, witty, and fun.

Opinion as a Gamer:

The first thing you will notice when you start Gnome Dash is the hand drawn art. You won’t find any premade sprites or sound effects, every aspect of this game has a “home grown” touch that really gives a clever aspect to the whole game. From start to finish I found it to be very artistic. The music is hand crafted and expertly done. In fact, you can find the tracks to the game on their website and if you are one who likes listening to Video Game soundtracks like I do, then you will probably want to download the tracks and listen to them on your off time anyway.

Game play is solid, although it took me a little time to get used to it sildenafil 100. It’s not as fast paced as some side-scrolling running games like Jet Pack Joy Ride, but it works in its favor. This game throws a lot at you, so the initial slow pacing helps to get ready for the harder stuff.

There are also two mini-games to keep you busy as well. There is a “Fairy Tap” game where, you guessed it, you tap fairies as they float across the screen. Super addictive and probably my favorite part of the game! The other game is called “Pink Buzz” which plays like a Flappy Bird and is equally as addictive. It’s these mini-games that really set Gnome Dash apart from other mobile games; since you basically get three games rolled into one title. And each game is just as fun as the next. Both the main game and mini-games are dynamically different and amazingly fun, so you will not get bored with this download!

Another outstanding feature is the consistent amount of unlockables and secrets you’ll find playing this game. Even the menu has secrets! So, for those gamers that need that consistent dopamine drip, you will be sure to get your fix playing Gnome Dash.

Opinion as a Dad:

It is perfect. This game is such a great Nerd Dad game. For starters it’s FREE. One of the reasons that stop nerd dads from playing certain games is the price. Well, when the price is $0.00, you can’t complain and you don’t have anything to lose. Secondly, the game doesn’t require a set amount of time. You can jump on and play for 5 minutes while taking a dump or while chilling and watching Netflix after the kids go to bed. Gnome Dash is also really clean. I think the most non-kid friendly part is that some of the gnomes smoke pipes. I’m not sure what is IN the pipes, but that doesn’t matter. The animation is like a Saturday morning cartoon that refrains from using any blood or language and I would totally let my 5 year-old play this (If I had a 5 year-old). It is the perfect Nerd Dad game!

In conclusion, this game is seriously worth the time to check out. I even showed it to my wife and she is in love with it too! So, if your wife is a mobile gamer this will give you something to talk about and compare scores. There are actually so many secrets that we’ll each discover something different and compare experiences. It is a load of fun that shouldn’t be missed!

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