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Castles and Coding - A Children's Adventure That Teaches Coding

PSA to all the Nerd Dads out there looking for a kids book that isn't about learning shapes or colors. I'm talking about a book call Castles and Coding: The Dragon Fortran Forest. This kids book aims to teach children how to code! It is written for children 2-6 years old and can be enjoyed by parents and children that have a love for tech, programming, role playing games, and a good fantasy.

Castles and Coding: The Dragon of Fortran Forest was created and co-authored by Michael Palmer and illustrated and co-authored by Lauren Kirchner.

We are extremely excited for this project and want to see it come to fruition. This is why we at Nerd Dads are putting the message out there to rally more Nerdy Fathers and Father Figures to donate and back this project on their Kickstarter page. If you want more information on the project visit their website here or if you want to go straight to their Kickstarter page and back it than go here.

We hope you check out this project and find it as awesome as we do!

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